Who's Joey Suarez?

"Music is responsible for Saving my life" - Im From Driftwood Interview 

Suarez was 15-years-old when he opened up about being abused. This abuse contributed greatly towards his coming out as a gay man and ultimately his Music. “To my surprise, this experience helped heal my future relationship with my mother who did not agree with my gay lifestyle, believing it was residual of my abuse,” he explained. “It gave us a common ground of experience to build off of. In my mom’s words, she believes God gave us the chance to heal one another.”


These experiences could have derailed his dreams and ambitions, but instead, Suarez recalls more highs than lows in his childhood. Today, Suarez draws influence from these experiences and his family, all of whom are blessed with musical gifts. Suarez didn’t begin to explore pop music until he was 21 years old. Drawing from a wide range of musical influences including Linkin Park, Miley Cyrus and Daft Punk, he has crafted a style of music truly unique to what we currently hear on the radio.


“Personally, I think I learned to operate in crisis for too long. My music was driven by the secrecy of my abuse. Since I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was experiencing, I bottled it up and expressed myself through music,” he said. “More often than not I would ignore my school work, and focus solely on my music. I am sure it seemed impulsive and slightly odd to some people, but for me this was life. It was relief, and it fueled the person and artist I am today.”